Cyclone is a device that separates solid particulates from gases (typically air). The separation is based on a vortex that generates a centrifugal force to the flow. Due to the fact that particulates have a significantly higher mass, and therefore momentum, than the gas molecules the particulates are forced to the outer rim of the vortex and eventually to the inner wall of the cyclone. When the particulates reach the wall they run as a ribbon-like stream down towards the bottom cone due to the combination of gravity and the centrifugal force caused by the vortex. From the bottom cone the particulates can be removed as a solids enriched stream. The cleaned gas is removed in the top of the cyclone. Cyclones are well suited for applications where there is a lot of solids in the gas stream such as sand blasting or saw dust removal systems. A cyclone can be designed to be maintenance free as there are no filters to plug of moving components.

Process and mechanical design for a Cyclone

We offer ready manufacturing prints tailor made for our customers process at a fixed price.

Traditionally cyclone design requires process design calculation, 3D-design, manufacturing prints, and the design work for the supporting structure. With the help of a software developed by our company our customers get all this in 24 hours from order.

By ordering cyclone design you get drawings in PDF, DXF, and STEP formats. In addition you get the predicted performance graph for cyclone pressure loss as a function of volume flow and the grade efficiency curve.

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