An improvement to an existing process or the development of a completely new process usually begins with PowerPoint-style block diagram. Usually our customers do this by themselves but we of course offer our help to draft one for them as well.

The process is divided into sub-processes which are designed as individual tasks so that they have their corresponding inputs and outputs. When all the main process components are determined we can draw a process flow diagram.

For the process flow diagrams we make a balance calculation. As a result from the balance calculation we get the values for mass and energy flows. After this we can do the process design calculations.Based on the design calculations we select pipe sizes that suit the flow rates. We select the correct size pumps, blower, valves, heat exchangers, and other equpiment. We can also calculate the required dimensions for chemical reactors, the residence times, etc. Then we select the instrumentation to suit the process control and monitoring needs. With this information we draw the PIDs (Process and Instrumentation Diagrams). This is typically done with a 2D-CAD programs such as AutoCAD or CADS.

We will deliver the whole process design work from start to finish or alternatively single tasks such as:
• Block diagrams
• Process flow diagrams
• Mass and energy balance calculations
• Design calculations
• PIDs
• 3D modelling
• Tailor-made design software
• Techno-economical evaluations
• Overall project management

From the process design calculations we get the required input values for 3D-modelling. We do 3D-modelling with our customers programs (such as SolidWorks). If needed we will acquire our own licenses as well. In addition we also utilize an open-source software called FreeCAD for our modelling purposes.

Based on the balance and process design calculations  we can also do techno-economical evaluations. In other words determine at which scale the process is economically feasible or is the process at all profitable.

We also offer our help to provide project management for our customers.

Our typical customers so far operate in fields of chemical engineering, environmental technology, process industry, renewable energy, and traditional heat and power production.

A sensible solution

”To our customers outsourcing R&D guarantees the allocation of resources to the specific project. This ensures that the project is delivered with determination from start to finish. Our customer can shift their own resources to commercial projects where they are perhaps more desperately needed. We also provide an outsider’s view on the whole process with fresh ideas. ”

LAURI KOKKO • CEO, Test Rig Finland, Inc.


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